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Besides the natural grain, you could also see light scratches, small scars, stretch marks, insect bites and minimal discolorations. This is super normal for natural leather that had a life before. Literally.

 The best leather needs the best care. Period. Keep your gear in its best condition by feeding and hydrating it. Because of that you will see less scratches and the leather will not dry out. For example with our leather wax or delicate cream.

Maverick leather wax

The Original / New Men

Leather wax for oily leather. Enriches and feeds the leather, keeps the natural vintage look and brings back the oily pull-up effect. Perfect to keep your gear of THE ORIGINAL- or NEW MEN-collection in its best form. 

Also protects against moisture and dirt and it’s easy to apply.

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  1. Remove dust and dirt

  2. Apply the leather wax with a soft cloth and let it sink in

  3. Polish softly with a dry cloth

leather wax 2
leather wax 5

Maverick delicate cream

Rough Gear / Maverick Brown / All Black / Urban Classic

Leather cream for all the smooth leathers. Perfect to keep your gear of ROUGH GEAR, ALL BLACK, MAVERICK BROWN and URBAN CLASSIC in perfect condition. Enriches and feeds the leather in a natural way, based on olive extract. Without alcohol or solvents.

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  1. Remove dust and dirt

  2. Try the cream beforehand on a piece of hidden leather

  3. Apply a little bit of cream evenly

  4. Let it dry and clean afterwards with a soft cloth

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delicate cream 6


  • Keep your gear out of the sun
  • Keep your gear dry. Our backpacks do have a water-repellent cover
  • A wet bag anyway? Let it dry by air, stay away from hairdryers and heaters
  • Never keep your gear in a plastic bag, but always in a breathable place. For example in the Maverick sack that you get with your gear, it’s the ideal sack to store your leather products