The Original


Leather as leather is meant to be. In its purest form, unadjusted. Only the best full grain cowhide leather, made of the epidermis. Vegetable tanned and extra well-oiled, so scratches fade. By rubbing or using the leather wax.

No nonsense. Completed with double stitched seams. Featuring a natural weathered vintage look. Best leather in town!

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Money talks. And so does our leather. Top grain in its purest form, without any synthetic or coloured top layer. Which makes our leather unique, alive. You can see that in our leather wallets for men. Traces of use, scars, light discolorations… They only make life even more beautiful. 

All our leather wallets from THE ORIGINAL-collection are high quality. Extra well-oiled, with double stitched seams and a look of weathered leather. Available in all forms and sizes. You choose, man!

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Going on an adventure? To your work, your love, to the gym, abroad… Choose your favourite leather bag from THE ORIGINAL-collection. Leather toiletry bags, shoulder bags or messenger bags, take your pick. 

Each bag is made of full grain leather in its most purest form. Without any synthetic or coloured top layer. Each bag is unique. With its own design, a life on its own. And a touch of vintage. Thanks to the oily pull-up of the leather. And the double stitched seams.
In the pocket, dude!

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Travel gear5

Practical and stylish. You’re both with our leather travel gear. Wherever your journey is going. THE ORIGINAL-bags are all unique. You can choose between different backpacks and toiletry bag models. Each with their own design, own story.

This because our gear is made of top quality aniline leather. Epidermis in its most purest form. What you see, is what you get. Exactly how you like it. Let’s start a new adventure, bro! 

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It’s all about the details. Choose here the right leather accessories. Made of the best leather in town: full grain cowhide leather, without any synthetic or coloured top layer. Pure natural with a stunning authentic look. And an unique design. 

That’s how we like our leather keychains. Extra well-oiled and provided with double stitched seams, for a vintage finishing touch. Well spotted, man! 

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We’ve got your back, with our high quality leather backpacks. Wherever the journey takes you. Always sharp, always by your side. 

Every leather backpack is unique. Tells its own story. And you could see that. Because of the imperfections, scars and the light discolorations. THE ORIGINAL-backpacks are extra well-oiled, provided with double stitched seams and a vintage vibe.
Simply the best, bro!

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Everything you want for your free time. We have what you need. That extra thing to show off. Made from the best full grain leather. With natural imperfections, which makes your gear extra special.

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leather wax 2

Take care of your leather, buddy

The best leather needs the best care. Keep your gear in perfect shape thanks to our tips.

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