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Full grain cowhide leather. The wax finishing gives a soft touch and matt look. The 'bulletproof' finishing technique ensures a longer durability and protects to wear and tear.

Classy and strong! And authentic because of the subtile grain. Gear up, buddy!

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Wherever you go, URBAN CLASSIC has the bag that fits you! These bags are made of full grain cow leather with a wax finishing which ensures a soft touch. Durable and strong. Nice, man!

The subtile stitch and the matt black leather creates the authentic look you love.

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Office gear1

Always in style to the office, business trip or to a client. Laptopbag in a matt black colour made of the best quality. Resistant to wear and tear, thanks to the wax finishing. Full grain cowhide leather. Never out of style, bro!

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No worries, we’ve got your back! Compact, stylish and strong. Leather backpack made of the best quality.

URBAN CLASSIC has a soft touch and matt black look thanks to the “bulletproof” finishing. Durable and resistant to wear and tear. What else?

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Travel gear1

I’m going on a trip and will take with me.. the leather weekend bags, shoulder bags, crossbodies and backpacks from the MAVERICK BROWN-collection. Always by your side. 

And always with a solid, well-oiled touch. And a natural shine. As finishing touch of the full grain cowhide leather. Provided in intense brown, it’s a primal colour for a reason.  Can you handle it, dude?

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Take care of your leather, buddy

The best leather needs the best care. Keep your gear in perfect shape thanks to our tips.

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